Friday, June 28, 2013

Manga Poverty

This year I translated another book: "Manga Poverty" by Sato Shuho, a famous manga artist in Japan. This is a nonfiction novel about his experiences with the manga industry and battles with Japan's ruthless publishers. Not only is it a quick, exciting read filled with Sato's unique wit and unusual experiences, but it also contains a wealth of information as to what it's like to be a manga artist in Japan. If you're interested in manga, publishing, or how artists in Japan live, then I highly recommend it!

Below the Japanese are links to the different E-book formats. Happy reading!





  1. Are you sure this is even legal, this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone charging for translations especially without the authors permission I would assume

  2. This e-book has been published through a publishing company that has obtained publication rights from the original author, Sato Shuho, who will receive a portion of the royalties.

  3. dan luffey what happen to shattered reminiscence of dreams. vol2

  4. did you just kill it. you didn't give me the chance to read it so i can get to the end...please reply