Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Since today marks the birth of this site, I've decided to do a little explanation to all the links you see to your right. I'm not really sure whether this will turn into a full-on news/personal blog site, or if it'll simply remain a depository for links to projects I'm working on. As always, time will tell.

This is my professional home page, which contains my resume in both English and Japanese.

100% of the proceeds from this short fiction anthology go to aid orphans who were affected by the March 2011 tsunami disaster in Japan. A translation I did of a short story by Ashikawa Junichi is included. 

My translation of this Edogawa Rampo classic will be published in Winter 2011 by Kurodahan Press.

A translation I did of an excerpt from Sugiura Hinako's "Hyaku Monogatari" is featured within this excellent Japanese weird fiction anthology.